Oklahoma City Private Investigator Markets Firm

A local private investigator gains control of her business by focusing on marketing to an online audience. Shelly-Ann Gwendolyn loves being a PI. The thrill of unraveling a mystery, getting to the root of things and revealing the truth has always driven her, and being a PI is the best thing in the world for her.

Unfortunately, PI jobs can be had to get by. Since her last assignment, it has been months before she managed to get her next client. She had been in fact, contemplating on leaving the profession that she is so passionate about and going back to being the local sheriff, if the opportunity arises.

Just when she was about to give up, she met an old friend, who told her that she works in a digital marketing company. This piqued her interest. She wanted to know more. Janet helped her understand the importance of focusing on online audiences in private investigator marketing much like her competitor CTC Investigations had done.

The first concept that Janet introduced to her was content marketing. Shelly-Ann had an idea. “Are you talking about having a blog, social media page, and website? Well, I do have those,” said Shelly-Ann, disappointed, though. Janet could understand her frustration. She, however, continued sharing her knowledge.

“The first thing that I will teach you is something that you know,” Janet continued. Storytelling was the magic word. Shelly-Ann was shocked. She had no idea how she could tell stories on her blog or website. “Rather than selling your services and expertise, tell stories around the concepts that your customers do value the most. This way, you can build a relationship with your audience. Sales become a byproduct of the relationship.”

“What storytelling does, in private investigator marketing is build something called engagement with your online audiences. Part of it is covering topics that could be of interest to your audience. Light bulb moment.” Shelly-Ann knew that she could perhaps share things like some of the skills that she has learned as a PI, what motivated her to be a PI and some of her experiences. Voila! Janet could see the excitement on her face. “But, wait, there is more,” cautioned Janet.

“You now have an idea about engaging your audience. The format in which you present the content to your audience determines how well they will engage with it. For instance, videos tend to be more engaging when compared to text.”

“Something else that you can do is to present yourself as an authority in your field, which you already are Shelly-Ann!” Yes, indeed she had a whole decade’s experience as a PI. “What if you wrote an eBook and gave it for free when people sign up for your mailing list? That is called providing value and is the whole essence of content marketing. Over time, you could create an email list of loyal customers, who may end up being people who need a PI.”

“As you can see, marketing to an online audience seems natural. But it is not. You may need to hire bloggers, designers, and videographers for you to create high-quality content. It will, however, pay off. Most importantly, you will need to hire an online marketing professional like me to help you distribute the content via various online marketing platforms, for instance, social media. We are the data people. We know where your audiences are and other important details. “

“Thank you so much Janet.” “Anytime, Shelly-Ann.” The coffee had grown cold. It was a worthwhile lesson on private investigator marketing.

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